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Country Supply is a proud authorized dealer and distributor of XL Trailers. XL Specialized Trailers is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing highly engineered and customized trailers. XL Specialized Trailers lives up to its name. Their specialty in customizing products to best serve your unique needs, has resulted in a full portfolio of custom trailers engineered for hauling distinctive loads. Browse our selection of XL Trailers today!


Some of the specialized features that make XL Trailers unique:
  • 100 Years of Experience – Giving customers a premier experience and diverse product portfolio, with trailers that support every possible need and niche in the heavy haul market space.
  • Best Engineering in the Industry – Products and trailers are always pushing beyond the envelope, their product portfolio is always improving and new innovative products coming to market so you have a trailer that works for your needs and stands out amongst the rest.
  • Market Leading Quality – The quality and durability of XL Specialized trailers are what continue to make the difference. Ensuring that the construction, paint quality, and components that make up each trailer will stand the test of time.