Wabash Trailers​

Wabash Trailers

At Country Supply, we understand that each haul is different, just like every business has unique requirements. That’s why Transcraft trailers offer various weights and options so you can get the most use out of your equipment. As a Transcraft authorized dealer and distributor, Country Supply may assist you in finding the best trailer for your hauling needs, whether it’s steel coils, construction materials, oil field supplies, ag equipment, or anything else. Transcraft has created high-performance trailers browse our inventory today.


Some of the advanced Transcraft features include:

  • Rugged, heat-treated 130ksi steel construction in flatbed or drop-deck options
  • Strategic welds eliminate corrosion between the flange and web
  • “K” type structural assembly reduces side bending
  • Double shear flooring connection reduces racking and damage
  • Bolt-on, integrated winch trackside rail simplifies repair
  • Flexible Lock-Rite II multi-position tie-down system for multiple load types
  • Standard 5-year wheel-end warranty for peace of mind
  • The enhanced lighting system offers three stop/trail/turn lights and five dual-function side marker lights
  • Side marker lights that function as turn signals for improved motorist visibility