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Welding at Country Supply
Welding at Country Supply
Welding at Country Supply
At Country Supply, Inc., we love it when the sparks fly. Welding is a beautiful and useful trade skill that we view as a key component of our full range of services. With it, we can offer semi-trailer owners more comprehensive repairs that target structural damage, provide more customized options for their equipment, and perform more fabrication tasks for unique pieces and needs.

Why Does a Repair Shop Need Welders?

Metals are useful in heavy-duty engineering since many are durable while weighing less than other elements. They will still bend and break under the extreme stress of heavy cargo loads and accidents. Welding gives a repair shop more options for handling repairs and modifications to metal-based equipment.

When a break happens in a vehicle’s structure, you have two options: repair it or replace it. Extensive damage might require a replacement, but plenty of problems with a vehicle’s metal components can be solved through judicious application of high heat. Repairs are normally far less expensive than a full replacement, and they can be much faster if a part has to be shipped from the manufacturer.

Welding can also stop an existing problem from becoming a more serious one that needs a full repair. Reasonable early prevention measures are almost always better than a cure after something breaks. If an inspection spots a crack in a metal component, welding the damage before another heavy bump can save thousands in repair costs.

You might also need welding work to install a customization on the trailer or forklift. That could range from welding an eye hook into the sidewall to hanging retaining chains to improving the support structure for a section that’s been sagging under the trailer’s usual loads.

There are shops that can provide adequate service on simple maintenance tasks without welding, but these uses make it an essential part of a full-service shop like Country Supply, Inc.


All's Well that Welds Well

The attention to detail and finesse of technique that goes into a proper weld job is far more than just looks. A shoddy welding job can have structural defects that make it easier to damage and unsafe for heavy loads. Even if it’s not the primary load-bearing section, the failure can cascade to other parts. In a worst-case scenario, a key component that underwent welding might fail in the middle of a busy highway and cause a major accident.

To minimize that risk, visit a reliable and professional repair shop that is known to provide semi-trailer steel and aluminum welding services.

Come to Country Supply, Inc. for Trailer Welding Services

Our full-service shop at Country Supply, Inc. has trained staff and equipment on hand to provide semi-trailer welding whenever you need it. Welding also plays a role in our warranty services, fabrication capabilities, and accessory installations. Residents and companies operating within the greater Chicago area should contact us via the website, by phone, or at the office with details about the trailer welding services that we provide.


Country Supply, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for Doonan, XL Specialized Trailer, Transcraft, Trail King, Reitnouer Trailers and Prowler Forklifts. Serving the Chicagoland area and the Midwest, Country Supply, Inc. is a full-service dealer offering parts, service, warranty work, welding and fabrication.


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