Semi-Trailer Warranty Service Station


Even if you have the most careful operator with the best maintenance team working together on your trailer composed of quality parts, there’s always a chance that something breaks. Country Supply, Inc. has been servicing trailers and forklifts under warranty for over 40 years, so we know how often they can be useful.

The Value of a Warranty

A warranty is a company’s way of saying that they stand by their product. Less reputable brands will push their warranties’ languages to the limits to avoid paying out, but the best are true to the spirit of their word. If you never have a problem before the warranty is out, then the warranty is just peace of mind. If you have multiple problems before it expires, you might save the cost of the equipment several times over.

Even warranties from the same manufacturer might be a little different between models, so do your best to understand all of the fine print. A comprehensive warranty is not the same thing as a warranty for the axles or power train, for example. Many warranties do not cover what they call ‘normal wear and tear’.


Selecting a Warranty Service Station

As one consistent stipulation for trailer or forklift owners, making use of a warranty for repairs usually means visiting a service station that the manufacturer pre-approved. While it can be inconvenient and might feel like some of your choice is taken away from you, most warranty service stations are long-lasting and dependable businesses.

The companies select them to ensure the best work is done on the equipment at a reasonable market price. A better job done the first time something breaks pays off when the unit isn’t back in the shop a week later.

A Warranty Service Station for Truckers and Farmers

Country Supply, Inc. is an authorized warranty service station for every brand represented in our inventory, such as:

  • Doonan
  • Princeton
  • Prowler Forklifts
  • Reitnoeur
  • Trail King
  • Transcraft
  • XL Specialized Trailer
As well as other popular trailer makes that we don’t represent. In addition to the expertise and experience with those brands, our knowledge of those warranties can help you get the best repairs possible under their terms. We can’t control what the manufacturer will pay for, but our work has the highest chance of maximizing the warranty’s value. Whether you’re a nearby resident or an operator moving through the area, keep Country Supply, Inc. in mind the next time you’re looking for a warranty service station.


Country Supply, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for Doonan, XL Specialized Trailer, Transcraft, Trail King, Reitnouer Trailers and Prowler Forklifts. Serving the Chicagoland area and the Midwest, Country Supply, Inc. is a full-service dealer offering parts, service, warranty work, welding and fabrication.


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