Semi-Trailer Fabrication Services


Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. When you have a unique problem to solve, the commonly available options just won’t get things done the same way. That goes for everything from turning a screw with the wrong type of head to hauling a load of cargo across the country. Owners and operators looking for semi-trailer fabrication services can count on the technicians at Country Supply, Inc.

Why Do You Need a Fabrication Service?

Fabrication services on hand let a shop get some repairs done earlier and add customizations to existing equipment. Even for stock parts, missing a specific piece may offset repair times by weeks or more if it needs to be shipped to the shop. Skilled fabricators can put all of that time back in your hands.

Not every vehicle needs custom work, but anyone who regularly moves the same type of load will end up with a list of small changes that would make for a better work unit.

These changes might not need a major overhaul, either. A small addition like auto landing gear or a roomy toolbox can make a drastic difference in workflow.

What Makes a Good Trailer Fabrication Service?

A fully equipped fabrication shop has the tools, materials, and knowledge needed to manufacture new parts. Since these parts need to be safe and durable, quality cannot be sacrificed. The materials and tools need to be on hand and ready to go as soon as the equipment rolls into the shop. The technicians and office staff ensure the task is done to all specifications and to OEM standards. They are already experienced with major brands like TransCraft and Reitnoeur, including how to quickly fabricate replacement parts. They are also always ready to take on a new situation.


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Maintenance and repairs are needed at a mix of mileage and age numbers. The harder the workload that you put on the equipment, the more often it will need tender, loving care. You might not put that many miles on your equipment, but exposure to the elements and degradation over time do enough damage on its own to require regular maintenance. The manufacturer’s manual should tell you how often it expects you to have the equipment undergo maintenance, but six months is the maximum wait time between checkups for basic trailers with no extra equipment and minimal use.

Just for incidents requiring roadside repairs, recent numbers show that rigs are averaging one every 10,000 miles. If a rig is making 500 miles a day, that’s a month or less between roadside breakdowns. Blown tires account for some of that, but other issues are ones that could be mitigated with more frequent diagnostics and repairs. The cost of the testing and repairs will end up less than multiple roadside breakdowns.

Why Use a Professional Trailer Repair Shop?

Reliable and professional repair work extends the time between each repair job. The quality of the fix keeps the rig on the road longer, translating into more profit for your business. A fully-equipped repair shop can perform more intense repairs that include fabrication and welding techniques, cutting out shipping times for parts that can be made in the shop when time is a factor. Advanced diagnostic tools and knowledge are used to more accurately identify issues and fix them before they get bigger.

The best repair shops are typically warranty service stations for a number of brands. This indicates that the brand views the shop as having the right combination of capability and cost. Not all good shops work on warrantied vehicles, but it’s still necessary to use them if you want to keep your warranty in good standing.

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Country Supply, Inc. has been selling and servicing both trailers and forklifts for over 40 years. Our expertise is enthusiastic and unmatched. With ongoing maintenance and emergency repair jobs, we can help your fleet stay up longer, run more smoothly, and recover from accidents more quickly. We are a warranty service station for every brand of trailer that we sell, including reputable manufacturers like Reitnouer, Trail King and Transcraft, and XL Specialized.

Drop us a message through the website, call the store, or stop by in person to meet the team and schedule your forklift or trailer repair service. We’ll do everything we can to quickly get you back on the road and better prepared for the road ahead.


Country Supply, Inc. is proud to be an authorized dealer for Doonan, XL Specialized Trailer, Transcraft, Trail King, Reitnouer Trailers and Prowler Forklifts. Serving the Chicagoland area and the Midwest, Country Supply, Inc. is a full-service dealer offering parts, service, warranty work, welding and fabrication.


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