Reitnouer Aluminum Trailers
Reitneour Trailers

Reitnouer Aluminum Trailers

Country Supply is a proud authorized dealer and distributor of Reitnouer Aluminum Trailers. With a rock-solid design that has been tested over millions of miles, every Reitnouer trailer is built to last and is simple to maintain. Whatever your needs, there is a Reitnouer trailer that can meet them. The trailers from the Reitnouer line have an advanced, innovative approach to design and manufacturing that makes them more durable, and more repair-friendly. Reitnouer trailers have a number of features that are unique to a Reitnouer. What really distinguishes a Reitnouer is the fact that each Reitnouer trailer is guaranteed by an ironclad commitment to quality and customer care, as well as the best warranty in the business.


Some of the advanced Reitnouer trailer features include:

  • Drop Decks made of high-strength steel to optimize weight and strength.
  • Cross members are constructed of a single piece for strength. They include a reinforced inner extrusion that adds reinforcement between the main beams.
  • Innovative snap-in floor
  • The versatility you need to securely mount a variety of loads is provided by the standard three-wood nailers. Optional four wood nailers or four wood nailers with a center tie-down track are also available.
  • The two-piece bolted and bonded main beam is connected in the middle, where stress concentrations are minimal.
  • Three-piece floating outriggers to minimize the stress on the main beam.
  • The rear snap-in pockets are welded and provide superior strength in the pocket-to-side rail connection.
  • Tie-downs that can be moved and taken away are available in a variety of lengths, allowing you to secure loads either along the side rails or on the main rails.
  • The Dropmiser comes with two-piece load levelers that are lighter in weight and easier to install along the trailer deck.
  • Optional log pockets enable use of heavy-duty stakes to secure logs. The number of pockets and pocket locations can be tailored to customer specifications.
  • Metal racks that use no wood and maximize safety by locking into the main beams, preventing coils from moving side to side.
  • Suspension hanger boxes are boxed in from side to side to minimize the loads they transmit to the core rails.
  • Patented coil blocks offer more portability and ease of storage, but still offer the “locked-in” safety of the larger solid coil racks.
  • The finest and most advanced and corrosion-resistant wiring and lighting systems available.