Heavy-duty tie-down jobs are no match against the high-quality strength of Ancra’s 3-in. x 27-ft. ratchet strap with flat hooks and long, wide handle. This ratchet strap is designed to secure cargo up to 5,400 lbs, which is accomplished through the combined force of strong webbing and durable hardware. Once tensioned, our 3-in. yellow treated polyester webbing creates a strong and reliable hold over the entire load.

Tensioning control is put directly into your hands with our durable 10.5-in. steel ratchet with a long and wide handle. This ratchet is easy to operate as it quickly tightens down the strap to exactly the right amount of tensioning for the job. Working together with the rest of the tie-down assembly is a pair of our 3.25-in. black powder-coated flat hooks. These hooks are designed to easily hook onto your vehicle’s stake pockets or side rails to establish a reliable connection. These hooks are also equipped with sturdy aluminum edge guards in the webbing slots to prevent the hook and the webbing from rubbing each other raw.

The 3-in. x 27-ft. ratchet strap with flat hooks and long, wide handle complies with WSTDA T-1 standards and meets or exceeds WSTDA T-4 standards.


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Weight 201.60 oz