Country Supply has a extensive range of brackets for semi-trailers. They are crucial components that provide structural support and facilitate attachment between the trailer body and the chassis or frame of the truck.

The primary function of brackets is to securely hold the semi-trailer in place, ensuring stability and safety during transportation. They are typically welded or bolted onto the frame of the semi-trailer, providing a stable connection point for the hitch mechanism of the truck.

They are manufactured using durable materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand the heavy loads and harsh operating conditions encountered in the transportation industry.

In addition to providing structural support, brackets for semi-trailers may also incorporate features for mounting accessories such as mud flaps, lights, or reflective markers, further enhancing the functionality and safety of the trailer.

Overall, brackets play a crucial role in the structural integrity and safe operation of semi-trailers, ensuring that they remain securely attached to the truck and can withstand the demands of long-distance transportation.

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