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Reitnouer Aluminum Flatbed and Drop-Deck Trailers

These are only a few of the many models of Reitnouer flatbed trailers that we carry. We are your number one source in the Chicago area for Reitnouer Flatbed Trailers. Call or email our sales office for more information.

When Reitnouer introduced its first totally bolted aluminum flatbed trailer in 1982, it revolutionized the industry. With its innovative two-piece main beam construction and a whole host of breakthrough features, including a tapered beam design to optimize strength and weight and safety tread deck, the Reitnouer Aluminum Flatbed quickly became the standard against which all other flatbeds were measured.

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Reitnouer trailer
Aluminum Flatbeds

When size really matters, the Bigger Bubba is your ideal choice. The new flagship of the Reitnouer aluminum line has a GVWR* of 120,000 lbs and is rated at 72,000 lbs in a 4 foot section, 85,000 lbs in 10 feet, and 110,000 lbs over 48 feet. All of this at a weight of under 10,000 lbs in a 48'x102" trailer!

  • Rock solid design proven over millions of miles
  • Unique interlocking floor
  • Engineered for long life
  • Service-friendly design
  • Many more features available!

Big Bubba flatbed models boast a GVWR of 100,000 lbs and are rated at 70,000 lbs in 10 feet and 60,000 lbs in 4 feet! Not bad for a trailer that weighs an average of 3,000 lbs less than most steel trailers. The MaxMiser flatbed has a 90,000 lb GVWR capacity, rated at 60,000 lbs in a 10 foot section, and a full 50,000 lbs in a 4 foot section. It's a great balance of weight, capacity, and price.

Reitnouer's lightest aluminum flatbed, the MaxLite carries a GVWR rating of 80,000 lbs, with a 50,000 lb rating in a 10 foot section, and a 45,000 lb. rating in a 4 foot section.

The Bigger Bubba and Big Bubba are also available in Multi-Axle configurations and Reitnouer offers B-Trains in a variety of styles.

Aluminum Dropdecks

Reitnouer also has Drop Deck models that offer the same hauling capacities as the MaxMiser, Big Bubba, and Bigger Bubba flatbeds, with a rear deck height of only 40 inches.

Trail King Specialized Trailers

We carry a number of models of Trail King open deck and material hauling trailers. We are your number one source in the Chicago area for Trail King trailers. Call or email our sales office for more information.

Your Full-Line Trail King Dealer. We carry Hydraulic Low Boys, Double Drop, Extendibles, Hydraulic Tails, 2-Axle and 3-Axle Drops. Smaller construction tag trailers up to heavy haul multi axle configuration trailers. Flip axles always in stock. They can handle your load!

Call or email usfor more information on all of our Trail King trailers that we offer.

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Trail King trailer

Doonan trailer
Country Supply, Inc. is an Illinois dealer for Doonan trailers. This includes the:

  • Doonan Dropdeck Trailers
  • Doonan Flatbed Trailers
  • Doonan Mechanical Detachable Double Drop Trailers
  • Doonan Fixed Neck Double Drop Trailers
  • Doonan Extendible Trailers

We are your number one source in the Chicago area for Doonan. Call us at (708) 258-6900 or email us for more information.

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Doonan trailer
Transcraft trailers logo

Sharpen your focus on the bottom line with Transcraft Combo Trailer. As one of the first combo platforms in the industry, this flatbed is known for its rugged dependability and high payload capacity. With four beam ratings to choose from, this trailer can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

Beam Ratings:

474: 47,000 in 4’, 53,000 in 10’ and 80,000# evenly distributed
554: 55,000 in 4’, 60,000 in 10’ and 93,700# evenly distributed
654: 65,000 in 4’, 70,000 in 10’ and 110,400# evenly distributed
734: 73,000 in 4’, 80,000 in 10’ and 125,000# evenly distributed

Available in Forklift trailers and Dropdecks too.
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Call our sales department for more information at 708-258-6900.

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XL Specialized trailer

XL Specialized Trailers is a truly specialized trailer manufacturer. Our products serve the construction, commercial, agriculture, wind energy, oil and gas and custom transportation markets. A market leading manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers, XL offers superior hauling solutions to fit any application.

Our sales experts are here to help. Call us at (708) 258-6900 or email us for more information.

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XL Specialized trailer