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Summertime Reminders for Safe Trucking

Severe Weather is Hammering the Midwest

So many of our drivers had to endure severe winter weather, and now they are facing devastating storms. Most articles you look up reminds our hardworking, truck drivers to keep certain things in mind when they're trucking during the summer months.

They all say you have to be aware of the weather conditions because weather can be extreme, and it is! We not only hope everyone stays safe during these extreme weather occurrences, but we also hope our truck drivers are staying safe and avoiding moving through the areas they are forecasting and tracking severe weather conditions.  

Stay Safe Along the Roads and Highways this Summer

Whether you're a truck driver transporting heavy loads, or you're traveling in any type of vehicle along our roads and highways, be safe. On, there are five tips for staying safe driving through a forecasted super hot summer. The key is to "Stay Cool."

  • Use a sunscreen, especially if you're going to be unloading. You know how the sun can beat in on your face and arms. Keep that sunscreen in your semi.
  • Hydration is so important, and the "gallon challenge" is a great recommendation. A new person might roll into town. 
  • Weather information is a must for traveling in different parts of the country. Use those weather apps that are recommended for truckers.
  • Know what's happening with the traffic, and there are apps for that too. Here are the ones designated to be the best for 2019, as found on Factor Finders.
  • Be on the lookout for more construction projects along the highways, and drive safe trucking through them.

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Don't forget to get that hot weather preventive maintenance done to keep your semi-trailers from breaking down in the heat of the summer. We're here with everything you need to keep your semi-trailers ready to roll. It is always our mission to keep your loads moving.  

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