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What’s Trending in Trailers, Semitrailers and Truck Parts?

A truck is only as good as the quality of the parts that make the whole and the ease and comfort with which it can be operated. There are new developments in the parts market worth your time.

An important axle part

Link manufacturing has recently added to its family of heavy truck suspensions - Triton Tri-Drive air suspensions. This vehicle part can be integrated into many heavy-haul axle makes and models. Their most outstanding unique selling points are durability and a reduction in maintenance costs. Link says their polyurethane bushings help in prolonging service periods with fewer lubrication requirements.


They also claim that it is beneficial for the driver in improved load and offload ride quality and a longer life span for the vehicle. Drivers will also be able to traverse the bumpy off-highway terrains faster, which translate into more work done in shorter times.

Trailer and Semitrailer trends

According to Market Watch, the semi-trailer market worldwide is projected to grow at  5% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in the time period between 2019 and 2023. With the rapid technological advancements happening in the world today, there is growing demand for advanced functionality in semi-trailers.  Trailer manufacturers have not been sleeping on their jobs and considerable innovations have been made in fitting semi-trailers with temperature sensors and GPS.


Earlier this month an act was presented before the House Ways and Means committee seeking to revoke the 12% federal excise tax levied on semi-trailers, truck bodies and heavy-duty trucks in the US to bolster the sales of new and more environmentally friendly vehicles.


Platform, dry van and flatbed trailers are forecast to make minimal market growths too. But this could change with friendlier laws and the absorption of new technologies to meet client requirements. Trailer manufacturers and dealers are working round the clock to ensure they are not left behind in trying to keep up with market and technological dynamics.

Specialized trailers

Specialized and niche trailer segments like belt trailers, hopper grain trailers and livestock trailers are expected to exhibit slower growth depending on agricultural production trends and consumer habits.


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