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Semi Trailers Need Grease and More to Keep Moving

Efficient and Skilled, Semi-Trailer Maintenance and Repairs...

At Country Supply, Inc., we are your one-stop shop for anything and everything you need for your semi-trailers. With decades of dedication to our trucking industry, we strive to deliver the utmost care for your semi-trailers. Don't put off today what will put your business at a halt tomorrow. Give your semi-trailers the care they need to keep the wheels safely turning.

In Addition to Regular Inspection and Maintenance at Country Supply...

For any company or owner-operator with owned semi-trailers, don't neglect these big trailers, especially if your business depends upon them. A list of tips is found on BAHE TRANSPORT that will outline what you can do to keep your semi-trailers rolling down the roads and highways with confidence. 

As noted, "your trailer should be professionally inspected by a mechanic at a heavy truck repair service shop." That's where we come into the mix at Country Supply. Our highly-skilled, service technicians know semi-trailers, and we are outfitted with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. And between our professional inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs, make sure you're following these informative tips.

  1. Keep the moving parts of your semi-trailer properly greased. Need help knowing what to do, just ask us to review that with you. It's what we're here to do for you. Let us help you be prepared to care for your trailer over-the-road.
  2. Give your tires a good check over, especially after long hauls. You never know if you picked up a nail or have low tire pressure. Those inside tires are just as important as the outside. As the author states, if you notice early signs of wear and tear, you may have a problem that needs the expertise of our shop, or one along the road. 
  3. Monitor your trailer's height for suspension problems. There is a danger when your semi-trailer is riding too high, and there can be extensive damage when it's riding too low. 
  4. One that is not mentioned, but so important, are your lights. Be sure your lights are working so that drivers following behind know when you're braking. A great place to do this is when you're hanging out with other truckers along the road. Ask a fellow trucker to look at your lights while you press on the brakes, turn on your signals, and turn on and off your lights from the panel. 

The Perfect Place for All of Your Semi-Trailer Needs...

We're easy to get to, and we're not far from I-57. If you're on-the-road, and your inspection finds you need something you can easily fix on your trailer, remember we have an online store. When you need quality, semi-trailer service and repairs, we're here to get you back on the road. It's always better to truck safe along our busy highways. 

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