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Take Precautions and Drive Smart in High Winds

Assets and Revenue Blowing Away with the Winds

Driving in severe weather conditions is a problem for the hard-working men and women driving their big rigs across America. This is not the only incident of wind playing havoc on a semi-truck as seen on The Weather Channel, last year had many semis toppling from winds per TRUCKERS NEWS. No matter how you sum it up, when drivers are pushed to drive in severe weather, the probability of losing a life, losing the truck and trailer asset, and losing revenue is extremely high. So, what should trucking companies and truck drivers do to keep these devastating losses at a minimum?

Tips and Other Information Dealing with Driving in Dangerous Winds

It is always nice to see what others are doing or saying. The most important point is that our truck drivers safely drive to reach their destinations. 

Truck Drivers Helping Their Fellow Drivers

It is apparent that many truck drivers have experienced driving through high winds. What are truck drivers saying? They are saying it is important to make the call to keep yourself and others safe.

  •  Trucking Truth offers a trucking podcast to help truckers discuss valuable subjects, and one of them has been driving in windy conditions. If you're traveling with an empty box van semi-trailer, high winds can be a bigger issue than when traveling with a full load.
  • gives a recount of a trucking team's experience.  

Weather Apps for Truckers

With today's technology, many people are looking at the weather to plan out their days. For the trucking industry, knowing the predicted weather is helpful knowledge for our truck drivers.

  • America Truck Business Services (ATBS) is a company established by trucking industry individuals to help owner-operators. Here are five applications that truckers can use to help them make the best decisions for traveling.

Speaking of weather applications,  see how big transportation companies, like FedEx and UPS, work around the weather to keep their drivers and shipments moving or not, as found on Wonolo.

When it comes to dangerous traveling conditions, "better late than never" is a smart trucking quote to include 

How Trucking Companies and Owner-Operators Can Profit by Making Smart Decisions

By looking at all the accidents along the highways, whether weather-related, equipment failure or operator error, consistently reviewing the causes of trucking losses can certainly help. Learn to avoid the dangers that cause loss along the roads and highways. It can be as simple as...

  • Properly maintaining trucking equipment.
  • Reviewing weather applications. Re-route if possible, or stay in place until the danger is over.
  • Always taking the time for a thorough pre-trip inspection.
  • Continual education and training to keep drivers up-to-date on properly driving their equipment.  
  • Establishing guidelines for traveling in dangerous weather conditions.

How Country Supply, Inc. Can Help Keep Your Semi-Trailers Running Smart

At Country Supply, Inc., we are your one-stop shop, in the Mid-West just south of Chicago, for everything your trucking business needs when it comes to your semi-trailers and forklifts. We not only represent some of the best brands in the industry, but we also offer the best in parts, full-service, and warranty. 

The roads and highways are packed with travelers, let the team at Country Supply keep your semi-trailer investments in the best condition for trucking across the country. Call or drop in to meet our team and our operation with smart trucking always in mind. 

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