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How to Begin a Career as a Semi-Trailer Technician

Country Supply, Incorporated - All About the Semi-Trailers

While the semi-trucks are important to the trucking industry, it is the semi-trailers that carry the goods. From basic flatbeds and box trailers to the refrigerated and specialty trailers, the semi-trailer industry is in demand. As you will read on Fleet Equipment, the demand for commercial 8 and semi-trailers is increasing regarding the 2019 forecast. The trucking industry is booming, and we're excited to be an integral part of the semi-trailer industry. Keeping the semi-trailers maintained can seem less important than the maintenance of the cabs that pull them. But, without our semi-trailers, there would be no need for the day or sleeper cabs. 

Become a Semi-Trailer Technician in Illinois

If you are looking to get into a lucrative career where you can make machines work, why not think about the trucking industry. More specifically, why not think about becoming a semi-trailer technician? You work independently, and you also work as part of a team like ours at Country Supply. According to ALL, there are eight schools throughout the state of Illinois that offer diesel mechanics. The average cost is reported to be "$6,847.00." You may be able to offset that by receiving a trade school grant. Take time to look into the "Iowa-Illinois Auto Show Scholarship." To become a semi-trailer technician, you will follow the coursework of a diesel mechanic that includes electrical systems, braking systems, hydraulics and more. Technology continues to bring continuing education and excitement for us who focus on delivering the best in semi-trailers.

You have options to the type and length of education you may want to achieve.

  • A certificate is normally a one-year accreditation.
  • Associate's Degree is a two-year program pending on any classes you may have taken in high school.

Here are the direct links to help you find the diesel mechanic programs offered throughout Illinois. 

Committed to the Trucking Industry with the Best in Sales, Service, and Parts

Country Supply, Inc. is proud to offer some of the best semi-trailer brands in the industry such as Reitnouer, Transcraft, Trail King, Doonan, and XL Specialized. We also specialize in Prowler Forklifts. Our entire team will be here to keep America moving with the best in sales, service, and parts of semi-trailers and forklifts. 

As 2018 comes to an end, we wish everyone a safe and merry holiday season. To all of our customers, old and new, we hope 2019 will be an exciting and prosperous year. When you need our team, we are here for you.

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