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The History Behind Santa's Super Sleighs aka Semi-Trailers

Happy Holidays from Everyone at Country Supply

The team at Country Supply, Inc. would like to celebrate the holidays with a lot of joy and a bit of history of the trucking equipment we love the most, our semi-trailers. Like our own small beginnings, the semi-trailer evolved due to the need to move a car. It was a car moving a trailer that was the innovation behind all the types of semi-trailers we have today. It is amazing to imagine how many semi-trailers are moving across the roads today.

The Carmaker Who Invented the Idea of a Semi-Trailer

Found on Great Western Transportation, it was Alexander Winton who invented the first semi-truck in 1898. A year later, he produced and sold the first semi-truck.

How did he come up with the idea? He was a "horseless carriage" maker, and he needed to move the cars to people all across the country who had purchased one. He didn't want to put miles on his new cars, and the expense was too high. His "automobile hauler" was a car pulling a trailer carrying a car.

Enter Fruehauf to Further Pursue the Idea

Additional credit for pursuing the same design idea goes to a Detroit blacksmith. August Charles Fruehauf built a carriage to transport a boat in 1914. Fruehauf officially called the carriage a "semi-trailer." The carriage semi-trailer was attached to a Ford. The semi-trailer was a hit. Fruehauf moved forward with innovation to develop the carriage semi-trailer for additional jobs such as hauling lumber. "In 1918, he incorporated the Fruehauf Trailer Company." With an exciting history, Fruehauf is still a maker of semi-trailers today.

Country Supply Has Santa's Super Sleighs Ready for Transport

The team at Country Supply, Inc. is excited and committed to keeping the transportation industry supplied with exceptional brand-name semi-trailers such as Reitnouer, Trail King, XL-Specialized, Doonan, Transcraft along with Prowler Forklifts. Our parts and service departments are the best in the area. We can help you with sales, lease to purchase or rentals. We love these big sleighs, and it is our joy to be a part of a growing industry.

From our family to yours, we wish everyone a wonderful, holiday season. Enjoy "Santa's Super Sleigh" as a tribute to all the hardworking men and women who are keeping America moving. Thank you to all of our customers, and we wish you a super 2019. We're always here for your semi-trailer and forklift needs.

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