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Winterize Your Semi-Trailer and Truck Safely on Winter Roads

Don't Forget to Winterize Your Semi-Trailers

Country Supply, Inc. has been selling and servicing semi-trailers for over 40 years. Now that we're into November, snow and freezing rain can happen at any time. Our service team is the best in the field, and they know how to protect your investment and winterize your semi-trailer fleet.

Driving Smart During Inclement Weather Conditions

If you're a seasoned truck driver, this is old news. For our new truck drivers, we want to stress the importance of semi-truck and trailer safety with maintenance first and smart driving tips. Found on Smart Trucking, "15 Essential Winter Trucking Safety Tips" by CATMAC22* (2018, January 16), truck drivers can ready themselves for making smart, driving decisions during our winter months ahead. What is great about this article is the YouTube video from a veteran truck driver offering tips on "How to Climb & Descend a Slippery Grade in a Tractor Trailer."

In the video, the truck driver mentions using the "Jake Brake." Be sure you understand how and when to use this valuable, trucking tool. Please note the first tip under the "20 TIPS AND TRICKS FOR USING THE JAKE BRAKE."  "The Jake Brake is not designed for use on ice and very slippery conditions." 

As CATMAC22* also reports, "be sure all systems are a go with your "circle check" that everything is working properly. Another article found on Smart Trucking, "7 WINTER DRIVING TIPS FOR TRUCKERS" BY catmac22* (2017, December 18), gives truckers additional tips with the last two stressing the importance of checking your trailer tires, lights, and license plates. 

Let the Skilled Team at Country Supply Ready Your Trailer Fleet for Winter

Before you hit the wintery roads and highways, call Country Supply today. We will get your semi-trailer, or entire semi-trailer fleet, inspected, serviced and ready for winter. We wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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