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Keep Your Prowler Forklifts Maintained for Safety

Country Supply offers over forty years of experience in selling, servicing and maintaining brand name semi-trailers and forklifts. We are proud to carry Prowler Forklifts. These forklifts carry heavy loads. Keeping your forklifts maintained and continual safety training are vital parts of utilizing these heavy-lifting machines.

Routine Maintenance

OSHA has its requirements for properly maintaining and operating your forklifts. Your Prowler Forklift always comes with instruction and service manuals. When you're not sure, let Country Supply take care of your maintenance for you. We are highly trained to keep your forklifts efficiently operating. 

Causes of Forklift Accidents to Avoid

Found on SAFESTART, "5 Causes of Forklift Incidents" (2017, October 18), you will find an explanatory list to help you work with your staff to avoid forklift accidents. As the author points out, it is imperative that businesses work with their staff "to help them secure correct permits, certifications and training." Don't wait until you have a severe injury to realize accidents can happen. 

  1. Improper Operation - Continuing education is important. Reinforcing the OSHA rules and regulations is vital to making sure your organization passes inspections. Holding in-class training, on-the-job training and promoting forklift safety with reminder posters will help. 
  2. Maintenance Ignored - Maintaining your forklifts with routine maintenance and services. Don't let wear and tear of your machines go without attention.
  3. Cluttered Warehouse - Keeping your forklift area organized and clean of clutter is important for avoiding accidents.
  4. Employees "State of Mind" - Employees must be alert. When employees are frustrated, rushing and overly tired, accidents are more prone to occur.
  5. Safety Ignored - When supervisors do not promote and prioritize safety among employees, carelessness can be a major cause of forklift accidents. Constant reminders of safety is one way to keep you business accident-free.

Make Forklift Safety Priority

As found on Safety+Health, "5 elements of forklift safety" by Druley, K. (2017, September 2017), you read that "safety supersedes speed" when operating forklifts. Again, training is number one in keeping your workplace safe. Keeping your forklifts inspected and maintained is reinforced. 

The author notes as his third element are to know your equipment and the rules of operation for your forklift. The author's fourth element is the importance of understanding the "stability triangle." The final element the author mentions is that an operator should know "load basics."  

Country Supply - Highly Skilled with Princeton Forklifts

Country Supply specializes in the sales, service, and maintenance of the Prowler Forklifts. We have all the parts you will need to keep your equipment safely operating and lifting. We are your one-stop shop for all of your forklift needs. It is always a pleasure to keep your business working. Give us a call, or stop in to meet our entire team. 

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