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Trailer Telematics

Your trailers are getting smarter. Instead of just a GPS location tracker, the new generation of trailers is equipped with improved telematics that can offer unprecedented visibility into the condition of each trailer, which not only better utilizes existing assets, but also enhance maintenance intervals and much more. 

While GPS tracking has been available for years through Orbcomm, SkyBitz, and so on, improved sensors can now be embedded in each trailer that will record and transmit location, mileage, tire condition, when doors were opened, local humidity, local temperature, current load capacity, and more. 

Improved asset tracking of all the trailers available can help a company reduce its existing fleet of trailers by using the existing ones more efficiently. BlackBerry (yes, the phone maker) is in the telematics business with "BlackBerry Radar" family of products, which promises 10-minute installation. Canada Bread Co has reduced its trailer fleet size by over 6% since the deployment of BlackBerry Radar products across its trailer fleet. 

But the new generation of smart trailers can do so much more. Great Dane, a renowned trailer maker, has introduced FleetPulse, a telematics system that can track mileage on every tire of the trailer. When combined with existing tire inflation sensors, this gives unparalleled insight into the condition of the trailer, minimizes blowouts, and extends maintenance intervals. Previously, a trailer will have its tires replaced even if it has thousands of miles of tread life remaining, because it may not be back for months. Now, the trailer can be scheduled to come back when its tires ran out, not merely by schedule.

But FleetPulse does more. With a sensor on the air suspension valve of the trailer, FleetPulse can also detect the load level, and send alerts when it changes.  A different sensor can sense whether it is attached to a tractor or not. This will allow the fleet manager to calculate idle time, mpg, and more. And of course, FleetPulse also does location tracking. 

Smart or not, Country Supply has a full selection of trailers for every need. Contact us today for all your trailer needs. 

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