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Electrified Semi-Trailer Axles

Country Supply, with over 40 years of dedication to helping keep America moving with its high-quality semi-trailers, is always excited to hear about innovation in our industry. One latest announcement is an exciting development as found on Engine Technology International"Bosch develops electrified axle for semi-trailer" by Petters, S. (2018, August 29), shares the exciting news of what this electrified innovation will mean to the trucking industry.

As Petters reports, the biggest benefit that this electrical machine will offer is the ability to "capture electricity under braking" which can be stored and used to power refrigeration semi-trailers or any refrigerated vehicle. Reportedly, the savings can amount to a substantial amount of money in the amount of "US$11,695.00 per year." 

As the author points out, this technology is already in use in "new solutions," and it is also available as a "retrofit service." This will make it possible for many companies to equip older semi-trailers with this new technology. 

One more benefit that this technology is on tap to offer is semi-trailer automated parking and backing up to loading docks. Drivers will surely enjoy this help after being on the road for long hours. That leads to something to help any drivers that must learn to successfully backup their big rigs to loading docks.

Until Our Semi-Trailers Can Backup Themselves

Backing up an eighteen-wheeler is definitely a challenge and a skill that can be mastered. Found on Smart-Trucking"HOW TO BACK UP A TRACTOR TRAILER LIKE A BOSS" by CATMAC22* (2018, May 14), reports that "this move is very challenging and is a very common cause of truck and property damage." The author reports that these damages are a "high percentage of claims and incidents" reported by insurance companies.

What is the main cause why damages occur when truckers are backing up their big rigs? It's simply "taking the time necessary to complete the backing up process successfully." Truckers cannot see what is behind them, due to their side view mirrors limiting how far they can actually see noted to be referred as "blindsided."

To successfully backup, here are a few recommended steps to help you avoid damage to your equipment and property. 

  • Avoid blindsiding is the perfect situation, but if you have no choice...
    • Take time to take a "mental picture."
    • Position your big rig with "a minimum of angle and maneuvering."
    • Get out of the truck and look to see your position as many times as it takes. Remember, the time this will save you on having to complete an accident report and all the headaches that go along with it. 
  • "Avoid using spotters" other than an experienced truck driver.
  • "Move slowly," and remember to continue checking your position. 

Country Supply - Your One Stop For Everything Semi-Trailers

Country Supply has built a team dedicated to keeping America on the move. We are your certified dealer of the most reputable, semi-trailers brands and Princeton Forklifts in the country, and we're located just south of Chicago.

Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable about our industry and our equipment. We have an extensive parts department with an online store available to you 24/7. Our technician team delivers the highest quality repair and maintenance services that you can depend on to keep your equipment on the move. When you need a leasing option, we have our in-house company, Liberty Leasing & Equipment Company. 

Drop in to see our facility and meet our team. We are your one stop shop for everything you need in semi-trailers and Princeton Forklifts. It's an honor to be your first choice, and we'll keep your business on the move.

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