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Proper Trailer Inspection and Safety

 When discussing big truck accidents, drivers of trailers play a large role. Mechanical issues, truck overloading and lack of rest are some of the main causes of these accidents. How often should an operator inspect their vehicle? Can an operator officially certify and inspect their own vehicle?

Worry not, here at Country Supply we have the answers and service you need.  Vehicle certification, maintenance and safety requirements are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). FMCSA regulations require an annual safety inspection of all motor carrier vehicles, to be conducted by a Department of Transportation (DOT) certified inspector.

FMCSA guidelines instruct drivers to conduct an inspection of their vehicle before, during and at the conclusion of each trip. The pre-inspection should be a thorough walk around of the vehicle looking for things such as defects and/ or leaks. The engine should be warmed by idling and the lights and gauges should be examined for proper operation.

Once on the road, occasional stops should be made to check for any obvious problems or malfunctions with the vehicle. If any problems are observed with the vehicle it should be immediately serviced and not driven until repairs are completed.

At the conclusion of the trip, a post vehicle assessment should be conducted. This assessment should focus on the actual problems or any potential malfunctions which may arise. Routine maintenance should also be observed with the vehicle such as engine, transmission and tire wear and tear. Operators should submit a report of these issues to the company via the driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR).

As shown, vehicle maintenance and inspection is key to safe and successful driving. That's why here at Country Supply we're your one stop shop for safe and secure vehicles. Whether trailers (new and used) parts and/or warrantied service we have what you need to get the job done right. Don't hesitate to contact us

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