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Maintained Equipment Is Important When Trucking Across America's Dangerous Highways

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Country Supply, Inc. offers the best new and used semi-trailers and Princeton Piggyback Forklifts in the Chicago and Midwest areas. We have over forty years of experience in the trucking industry. Keeping the roads safe for everyone is always part of every business involved in our industry that holds promising growth in the future. It's always a good idea to remind us all of the dangers along the roads, and there are some stretches of highways across America that are deemed more dangerous for our truck drivers. 

A 2017 article found on"Truckers Name America's 10 Most Dangerous Roads" by Ritter, J. (2017, April 4) reports on a list that the Department of Transportation gathered from trucker drivers' experiences. 

  • Arizona I-10 is noted to be a treacherous, desert route from Phoenix into California.
  • Connecticut I-95 takes drivers through excessively populated areas.
  • Alaska James Dalton Highway is a perilous road that has barely any means for emergency services.
  • Montana Highway 2 is extremely dangerous in the winter that hinders quick emergency services.
  • Colorado Highway 550 takes drivers on a winding road as they climb along the mountain's edge.
  • California/Arizona I-15 is heavily traveled with impaired, Las Vegas tourist traffic.
  • California Route 138, also known as the "Highway of Death," has seen recent land widening.
  • South Carolina I-26 is a with stretches of heavy traffic, steep ditches, and few guardrails.
  • Fort Wayne, IN/Toledo, OH on US 24 is wider since 2012 but still noted dangerous.
  • North Carolina US 129, known as the "Tail of the Dragon" with its "318 curves in 11 miles."

You will read that five of the above-mentioned routes are noted to be America's most dangerous found on TruckerClassifieds"Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in the US" (2016, March 11).

A final, informative article is found on American Trucker"10 most dangerous road for truckers" by Fisher, J. (2017, November 17) reports an increase of vehicles during the holiday season on certain routes showed increase accidents involving semis during a four-year period.

  • Alabama I-10
  • Florida I-95
  • Idaho HWY-75
  • Arkansas I-40
  • Florida US-1
  • Michigan M-20
  • Nebraska I-80
  • Colorado HWY-5
  • Maryland I-70
  • South Carolina SC-35

While re-routing trucks during this holiday period is a recommendation, there are a few other findings that are important to note.

  • "At least one vehicle defect" was discovered in "over half of the trucks involved."
  • "30% of these crashes were caused by equipment failure."
  • The weather was a factor in less than 15%, but rain was the leading factor in these weather-related accidents.

Country Supply, Inc. is proud to say that our service technician talent is second to none, and we have all the latest tools and diagnostic equipment to keep your semi-trailers efficiently operating. Regular maintenance of all your equipment is imperative to give your drivers the best means to travel across all of America's roads. We offer an online, parts store for your convenience when your drivers are too far away. 

It is always an honor when you make Country Supply your first choice. Give us a call, or come by for a visit.

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