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Trailer Tracking Technology

Country Supply serves the Chicago area and extends its service throughout the Midwest area with some of the finest trailer brands, new and used, on the market. Technology in the trucking industry is offering more and more positive changes in our exciting industry. Semi-trailer tracking technology is a great tool to help solve the problems that many companies have been facing. Here are few companies that are in the news and offering trailer tracking solutions.

GPS Insight offers the trucking industry a GPS solution for not only tracking of your semi-trucks but also tracking of semi-trailers. They realize that every customer is different, and they offer customized technology that they tailor to a company's specific business needs. Most companies usually have similar issues that lead them to look into this GPS trailer tracking solution.

  • Location of trailer assets.
    • Are they being used for non-company authorized work?
  • Company liability from over-the-road unsafe driving habits.
  • Waste of time and money with inefficient operations.

When trucking companies partner with GPS Insight, there are great benefits for the company and their drivers: "FMCSA compliant," on duty hours reported, eliminates paperwork, preventive maintenance tracking, monitors driving habits, "eliminates common violations," streamlined installation process, drivers get easy training, and "24/7/365 U.S.-based technical support."

ORBCOMM is another company offering heavy-duty truck and trailer tracking. Similar benefits are offered with trailer use visibility and optimization, reduce fuel costs, preventive maintenance tracking, and prevention of missing trailers and unauthorized use.

A final trailer tracking solution in the news is found on HDT Truckinginfo"Spireon FL Flex Can Track Trailers in Mixed Fleets" (2018, February 23). Learn more about a "modular" tracking device that also gives the flexibility to customize to unit needs. With solar re-charging technology, there is no need to connect to a charging outlet. The device comes with a tampering alert, and it cannot be turned off or removed.

Country Supply understands the investments our customers make to keep their businesses running with their fleets efficiently operating. We have over forty years of experience, and we offer expert, full-service with warranty work along with welding and fabrication. 

Our parts department has everything you need to outfit most trailers, and we offer our customers an online solution when you're too busy or too far away to pick up what you need. If we don't have it in stock, we work hard to get it in as soon as possible. 

It is always an honor to be your first choice in semi-trailer needs. Give us a call, or drop in for a visit to meet our team.

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