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Meet the Starship Semi-Truck

With a number of companies looking to improve semi trailer fuel efficiency, Shell and AirFlow Truck Company have joined forces to introduce a new player to the game. According to a reportfrom AutoBlog, the Starship features the best in current technology. Here are the details:

  • According to Shell, the transportation industry currently accounts for more than a quarter of the world's energy use and one fifth of the world's energy-related carbon monoxide emissions. Road transport creates 72 percent of those emissions. This has led to an attempt to offer more environment friendly options, such as the Starship.
  • The Starship is made up entirely of carbon fiber and features an engine and automatic transmission that are calibrated to run as low as 800 rpm, in order to "downspeed" for fuel efficiency.
  • The semi also features a 5,000 watt solar array on its top, which powers a 48-volt power system that can power the electric load, as well as lights, air conditioning, and a microwave.
  • The companies plan to eventually introduce an electric motor on the non-driven rear axle in order to boost acceleration and aid in climbing hills.
  • In May, the semi is scheduled to complete a coast-to-coast trip from California to Florida to haul clean reef material for a new reef installation. During the trip, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency will measure both fuel efficiency and freight ton efficiency.
  • While the Starship is not zero-emissions, it is yet another option in an industry booming with choices. In January, AutoBlog reported that orders for new trucks jumped 77 percent from December, 2016 - December, 2017, largely due to the federal requirement that trucking firms switch to electronic logs. Along with the capability to produce electronic logs, competition among semi producers to introduce technology that saves fuel and ups convenience is fierce. No manufacturer is showing weakness in terms of order activity, the report noted.

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