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Country Supply Talks Shop About Semi-Trailer Technicians

Country Supply would like to give recognition to our semi-trailer, aka heavy equipment, technicians. Without highly skilled technicians, our business would not be able to give the quality service we offer. We have semi-trailers of all types, and our technicians are who keep the wheels turning for our customers.

There are requirements that a semi-trailer technician must be able to perform. An extensive review of reports on "How to Become a Heavy Equipment Technician: Career Guide."To be a semi-trailer technician, you should be able to all of the following.

  • You should understand and be able to diagnose any mechanical or computer failure.
  • You must be able to repair the equipment by being able to replace parts and perform tests to confirm the fix.
  • You must be able to handle physical challenges of lifting heavy parts, working in a confined area requiring awkward positions, and working in and around an extremely noisy environment.
  • You may possibly have to work outdoors in extreme weather conditions to make certain repairs. 

Although some places of employment may offer on-the-job training, it is highly recommended that you obtain a certificate or associate's degree, set up an internship, and obtain an "ASE certification." The above-mentioned article gives you the perfect outline to guide you. You may also be required to perform annual inspections as designated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 396-3 through 396-19. 

Keeping up with the latest technology and requirements are always important, and the trucking industry continues to advance with new technologies.  Found on New Castle School of Trades"Diesel & Heavy Equipment Repair Technology" reports that schools are "focusing on electronic and computer technology." "Field service" is becoming a new trend offering an "on location" service to travel to the customer. Some schools are adding a Class A CDL course so that technicians are able to transport equipment back to the garage for repair.

Country Supply, Inc. is an authorized and full-service, semi-trailer dealer with the best brands available to you to purchase, lease to own or rent in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our extensive parts department offers online ordering, and we are a warranty facility. Our service crew is highly skilled in all facets of "open deck and material hauling trailers," and we also offer "fabrication, welding, and plasma-cutting on site." We are proud of our entire team, and it is always our honor to work with you. Give us a call, or feel free to drop by for a visit to tour our recently renovated facility. 

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