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Tips For A Healthy Semi Trailer

Daily wear and tear is an unavoidable part of the aging process of any piece of machinery. But factors that enhance the life of a machine are regular servicing and the necessary repairs as and when required. The trucking and shipping industry is no different.

Why Opt For Semi Trailer Servicing?

Semi-trailers go miles and suffer an equal on-road damage as the tractors. Although contemporary trailers are sturdier and more efficient, they still need constant maintenance. Here are the pointers signifying the importance of servicing:

The Right Air Pressure:

Keeping a check on the air pressure saves you from a major expenditure — getting new tires for your semi-trailer sooner than they actually need to be changed. Regular servicing would include timely monitoring of tire pressure, or inflation systems.

Suspensions in Check:

Heat cracks on the air springs, friction on suspensions or unequal or insufficient pressure in air springs may be another cause of worry for you in the longer run. A timely and thorough inspection of your suspensions would go a long way.

Smooth Brakes:

An essential aspect of maintenance is to prevent damage. A semi-trailer needs to be inspected for slack adjustment, chamber push rod, and the brake drum, too, should be measured. An experienced crew of technicians equipped with the right tools and technology can help you save time and money.

Why Repair?

Despite precautions, your semi-trailer may take a hit either on-the-go, or due to natural withering. Repairing the rusting brakes, interior leaking or cracking would certainly prevent potential damage to the stored goods, and ensure timely and intact shipment.

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