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Beyond GPS: New Trends are Transforming the Semi Trailer Industry

Though GPS has been available for a number of years for the semi trailer industry, new developments are taking this technology to a whole new level, according to a recent article from Here is a glimpse at a couple of these developments and their benefits.

  • BlackBerry Radar: BlackBerry's truck telematics product can track mileage, when doors open, the temperature, humidity, and load capacity inside the trailers, the article reported. The company states that Radar will increase fleet efficiency by seven to ten percent, and help prevent lost trailers, as well as saving time in locating trailers in crowded yards, and help drivers to more accurately bill for detention time. Statistics from the Department of Transportation office of inspector general audit indicate that $1.1-1.3 billion of truckers' income is lost each year due to detention time.
  • Great Dane: Great Dane's telematics sensors can be placed on each wheel to provide real time monitoring of miles traveled, weight per axle, and inflation issues. The information provided by the sensors can be sent directly to maintenance departments, in order to deal with out-of-service issues before the driver is actually out on the road. Service teams can then be dispatched as soon as they are made aware of a need. This provides greater efficiency, as maintenance can be scheduled based on actual need rather than on a set time window. The sensors can also monitor whether clearance lights are working, the article stated. 

Previously, new advances such as these were added as aftermarket products, meaning they were added on. However, the industry is now seeing a number of these products as built-in features on new trailers. 

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