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Semi Trailer Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The Department of Transportation sometimes has a tendency to change their rules regarding semi-trailer inspections. This can lead to some confusion among drivers. Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by semi-drivers.

Do I Have to Perform a Pre-Trip Inspection?

Before setting out on a haul of any distance, the DOT requires that a driver is satisfied that everything is in good working order. A written report of this inspection is not necessary, but there are specific parts that must be checked every time. This includes checking that all cargo is evenly distributed.

Do I Need to Keep A Driver Vehicle Inspection Report in My Vehicle?

It is no longer required that drivers carry a DVIR in their vehicle. These documents can be filed immediately after completion.

How Often Do I Need to Check My Cargo?

Federal regulations require that all drivers check their cargo periodically. All cargo must be checked before the start of a haul, within 50 miles of the start of a haul, and any time the driver makes a change of duty status. Cargo must also be checked after 3 hours, or 150 miles on the road, whichever happens sooner.

How Often Must Tire Checks be Performed?

All drivers carrying hazardous cargo are required to check their tires periodically.

I Need Brake Work Done. Who is Qualified?

Brake inspectors must be trained and qualified through a DOT approved course. This is to ensure that any inspection, repair, or service made on the brakes in done in a way that meets all safety standards. Anybody who is licensed to drive a vehicle with air brakes is qualified to inspect air brakes. Air brake licensure does not qualify a driver to perform any sort of maintenance.

What Do I Do with My Roadside Inspection Report?

Upon receipt of a roadside inspection report from a state or FMCSA official, a driver must submit the report to the motor carrier as soon as possible. This means at the next available facility. If a driver is unable to reach the next facility within 24 hours, they must mail the inspection report to the motor carrier.

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