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Check Your Trailer When Transitioning

Most drivers have a pre- and post-trip inspection checklist, and many times that caution will extend to checking over the trailer during the transition to a new load and route. But if you have a long drive ahead of you, it's important to check over parts of the trailer each time you stop. Here's are key components so you can check over the trailer quickly and get back inside to the warmth.

1. Check your pressure.

Altitude changes air pressure, and that's a complication semi-truck drivers have to work around whether through consistent checks or tires specially built to handle the fluctuation safely. But temperature can change the air pressure, too, at roughly 1-2 psi (or pounds per square inch) every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. While it doesn't sound like much, that change in conjunction with altitude changes, winter tires, and icy roads spells trouble. Even if the total drop isn't enough to warrant a quick stop by the air compressor, it's helpful to have the number in mind so you can drive accordingly. 

2. Check for visual obstructions.

Winter can be rough on more than just your tires. Because it brings with it snow, sleet, and darker afternoons, making sure your lights and your reflector tape are bright and within regulations is crucial; you should also brush away any snow or mud covering them.

3. Is there new ice or melt on your side mirror?

The most dangerous temperature range is between twenty-two and thirty-five degrees Fahrenheit. It's the perfect range for the snow to melt, refreeze, and form slick patches of ice. If you notice ice melting or forming on your mirrors arm (which is thin and exposed enough to give you a good gauge on how ice on the road is behaving), then you need to be particularly cautious over bridges and where the road looks wet: the chances of black ice are high, and that makes it harder to navigate any length of trailer.

For more maintenance tips for your trailer, go to Country Supply here.

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