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History of Trail King Industries

Trail King Industries is not just a clever name, they certainly are arguably the king of their industry. With trailers that have load capacities of anywhere from 12,000 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds they certainly have a line versatile enough for nearly any industry. But, how did it all get started? What can we expect from them in the future?

Back in 1974 Gordon and Shirley Thomsen founded a company which was primarily focused on acting as representatives for various agriculture manufacturers. They named their company Western Ag. As their company expanded throughout the 70's they bought into a line of specialty trailers that bore the name "Trail King."

As the decade was coming to a close, Trail King sales made up an extremely large portion of their business so they decided to change their company name from Western Ag to Trail King Industries and to focus solely on trailers. With the company now focused solely on trailers they were able to expand their product line to address the concerns of many different industries.

A brief timeline of Trail King's evolution:

  • 1974 - Western Ag was founded
  • 1978 - Western Ag bought the Trail King line of trailers
  • 1983 - Western Ag officially changes their name to Trail King Industries
  • 1987 - A new Trail King manufacturing plant was built
  • 1992 - The plant was expanded
  • 2000 - Trail King purchases Red River Manufacturing
  • 2010 - Trail King gets acquired by CC Industries
  • 2015 - Trail King acquires Dakota Trailer Manufacturing
  • 2015 - Trail King achieves the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification

We felt this history was worth mentioning in order to demonstrate Trail King's abilities to change and adapt to new and changing markets. From a small agriculture distribution business back in the 70's to a leader and titan in their industry, Trail King has adapted to change well and continues to grow while still maintaining constant quality and always promising to value "the human element" of doing business.

Country Supply is an authorized dealer of Trail King trailers, as well as parts and service. Contact us to speak with a sales or service representative today.

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