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Why Is Trailer Alignment So Important?

There are many ways to maximize the tire life of your semi-trailers, one of which is trailer alignment.  Over-the-road drives put pressure on the tread face of radial tires if they aren't aligned properly.  Axle or wheel alignment is important, especially with the growing use of wide-based tires. But, they need precise alignment according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Pay attention to these wheel alignment hauls to keep your trailers up and running:

Changes Caused By Operating Distinctiveness:

The suspension components require stringent maintenance for maintaining the alignment of your trailer's tires. It maximizes the tire life. Usually, the alignment is set by the manufacturer, but it can change over time due to severity of applications.

Issues with Axle Camber:

If the axle camber is not specified for your distinctive application, it can lead to wearing of inside the tire. This is caused due to deflection of suspension axle under heavy payload. The wide-based trailer tires are more prone to this deflection. Inspect them regularly and keep the tires properly aligned.

Worn Bushings and Suspension Components:

During the routine maintenance checks, you can't afford to overlook a detailed inspection of suspension components, fasteners, and bushings. If the bushings on the air ride suspension are eroded, they cause a severe loss to the initial alignment of the trailer. Similarly, routine maintenance of track bars on mechanical suspensions is crucial to prevent premature wear of the tires.

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