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Illinois is Increasing Spot Inspections Along Interstate 57

Due to an increased number of wrecks and collision along Illinois I-57, the state police are concentrating on more inspections and traffic law enforcement in the area. While the campaign is not wholly focused on either passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles, state troopers have said they will focus on semi-trucks along the route. Not only does the recent initiative include more traffic stops for traffic violations, it will include more inspections to ensure semi-truck drivers have their paperwork in order.

What are the state troopers checking for?

Because their focus is reducing the number of traffic accidents, state troopers will be checking for compliance with safety regulations and driving time rules. They also want to ensure trucks are in good driving condition, which includes focusing on lights, brakes, and tires, as well as the security of your trailer and load. If one of your routes is taking you through Illinois or on I-57, double-check your medical clearance, driving logs, and any paperwork related to excess weight or hazardous materials. Inspecting your vehicle for common CSA violations, like obscured reflective tape and broken lights, is also a crucial step before any job regardless of the state or route. 

Recent traffic collisions across the country are prompting conversations about stricter inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations, as well as the inclusion of new safety measures such as side underride guards. It could also mean more campaigns along major interstates to increase traffic stops and police presence. Illinois's District 13, the primary area for the campaign, has received federal funding to increase their number of troopers, and other states may adopt the same short-term solution as regulation is discussed in Washington. For more news regarding changing semi-truck regulation and enforcement, go to Country Supply.

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