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Inspect Your Trailer as Part of Preventative Maintenance

Certain elements of preventative trailer maintenance, especially visual inspections, should be part of your regular routine: checking your tires, inspecting your brakes and suspension, and staying attuned to how your truck feels are consistent requirements to prevent damage. But sometimes your trailer needs a particularly vigilant eye.

When should you take care to inspect your trailer and do preventative maintenance?

  • Always check your trailer after rainy summer weather. Even during the heat of summer, brief rain storms and relative changes in temperature can weaken seals and undercoating on your trailer. Be sure to inspect your trailer roof for cracks and warps in the sealant, because these signs of impending damage give you an opportunity to reseal your roof or any other surface before you get leaks. Rain storms in the south can also bring unexpected hail; even if you find shelter for the length of your trailer, inspect the roof and undercarriage for dents and cracks that bouncing hail can cause.
  • Check over your trailer when you've been driving over rough or dirty roads. This can kick up debris that sticks to grease and slowly builds up under the body of your truck. When you've been driving over particularly rocky roads or areas that have recently been under construction, be sure to lubricate according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also check for damage caused by rocks and larger detritus in your tires, electrical system and near your lights. All it takes is a chunk of concrete or rebar to break a critical component of your lights or to leave you with a flat tire, and knowing when those problems are likely to strike is the best way of preventing greater damage in the future.

Keeping a schedule of times for routine and more stringent visual inspection is critical during the summer months and when you're traveling on patchier roads. Browse our site here for more trailer maintenance tips and trucking news.

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