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Trailer Leasing Instead of Purchasing

While owning a semi-trailer can be part of the dream of owning a business, it can only be a tool, and sometimes it's a liability. Trailer ownership can tie up valuable capital permanently and gives you less navigability when it comes to negotiating rates while bleeding into your bottom line with unexpected repair costs. Leasing, whether through a carrier who can provide contracted loads or through a third-party business that can give you independence from a carrier-based contract, gives you more freedom to focus on making a profit and reaching your financial goals to becoming or growing your owner-operator trucking business.

How can leasing a semi-trailer help your trucking business?

  • You have greater access to new trailer models. Purchasing a truck and trailer of your own means you either buy used (which many truck drivers recommend against unless you have a strong mechanic background) or new, and you will be driving with whatever you bought for the next ten years. This means you will miss out on whatever new advancements are impacting the industry: trailers are always being modernized with more damage-resistant electrical systems, smart interfaces that monitor load conditions (such as temperature, weight, and internal movement), and safety features that keep trucking companies competitive. Once you purchase a trailer, you miss out on the next decade of improvements. If you lease, however, you have the option to switch to newer and newer models as time progresses without the 'brand new' price tag and without a ten-year delay. Keeping on top of new semi-trailer models will be increasingly important as the industry transforms with more automated and digitally connected equipment.
  • You can keep more capital on hand to fuel expansion. If you want to develop a trucking company with employees and a fleet, you need cash on hand for wages, insurance, and to keep your business going. The best way to keep your business strong is to grow it as quickly as you can within reasonable margins of risk, and it's harder to do that when your money is tied up in your trailers. 

Leasing instead of purchasing gives you flexibility, no matter what you want your career to look like in the trucking industry. If you'd like to learn more about leasing your trailer through a third party, please contact Liberty Leasing through Country Supply here.

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