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Flatbed, Drop Deck and Specialty Trailers From Transcraft

For more than half-a-century, Transcraft has been an industry leader in quality and innovation. Today, Transcraft offers a wide variety of American-made flatbed, drop deck and specialty trailers.

Flatbed Trailers

Select from Transcraft’s aluminum and steel flatbed designs. In the mid-eighties, the Benson aluminum trailer brought a new lightweight option to the trailer industry. Today, Transcraft makes it possible to customize a corrosion-resistant aluminum flatbed for specific applications. Both the steel and aluminum designs come with five-year warranties that offer peace-of-mind. Transcraft also manufactures a number of flatbed combos. Select from four different beam ratings. The company's rugged all-steel trailers are fabricated from premium, high-quality materials.

Drop Deck Trailers

Transcraft offers steel, combo and aluminum drop decks. The steel drop decks are fabricated from high-quality, lightweight 130ksi steel that features a corrosion-resistant paint process. The high-zinc, epoxy primer is the undercoat for an automotive-grade acrylic urethane finish coat.

The Lock-Rite tie-down system allows you to use chain ties or straps to secure loads to the trailer's center or to outside side rails. The trailer's lighting system is configured to maximize visibility. Both access and safety are enhanced by the extruded grip surface on the tubular bumper. The strong main beam comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Specialty Trailers

The new and improved Transcraft Coil Hauler is one example of Transcraft’s commitment to specialty trailers. When you need a single piece of equipment that excels at hauling many types of freight, consider the Coil Hauler. A low center of gravity contributes to the kind of smooth, stable ride you'll appreciate.

Avoid edge damage with a rubber-lined cradle that has been re-engineered for added durability. Total payload capacity is 90,000-lb, making it possible to haul 80-in wide coils. The removable bulkhead adds backhaul versatility. Thanks to the durable DuraPlate composite canopy, it is possible to eliminate tarps and save time. Save valuable minutes every time you load and unload.

Country Supply offers an excellent selection of trailers to meet your every need. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your goals. Please contact us today!

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