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Reitnouer Aluminum Trailers Offer Numerous Innovations

What makes Reitnouer aluminum trailers so special? First of all, they are bolted rather than welded, eliminating concerns over possible weakening of heat-treated aluminum alloy when it is subjected to the heat generated by welding. A bolted Reitnouer trailer is strong and durable.

Innovative Design Features

Since 1982, Reitnouer has been an innovator in the world of aluminum flatbed trailers. Its trailers feature a two-piece main beam design. The tapered beam concept results in an ideal combination of strength and weight. The flat bottom rail is extruded from superior high-tensile strength 6061 T6 aluminum alloy. An inner flange along the main beam distributes loads across a greater area. The arched top rail is bolted to the bottom rail in the center to minimize stress at the flanges.

Three-piece floating outriggers also reduce stress along the main beam. Solid alloy cross members are arrayed in an offset web configuration to improve torsional resistance. The safety tread deck is another Reitnouer innovation. The slip-resistant surface also reduces pallet movement. The bolted, three-piece bumper exceeds DOT standards, and it is easily replaced if it ever becomes necessary.

Trailers for Every Need

Reitnouer offers a wide range of trailers all the way up to the Bigger Bubba and its 120,000-lb GVWR. Despite its prodigious capabilities this flagship of the Reitnouer line weighs under 10,000-lb in a 48-ft by 102-in design. Although the Big Bubba weighs about 3,000-lb less than comparable steel trailers, it still boasts a GVWR of 100,000-lb. The MaxMiser checks in with a 90,000-lb GVWR capacity, while the lightweight MaxLite has a GVWR of 80,000-lb. 

Reitnouer also offers multi-axle styles, B-trains and drop-decks. The latter feature a rear deck height of a just 40-in.

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