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The XL Specialized Flip Axle is Perfectly Adaptable and Versatile

Here at Country Supply we believe knowledge is power and that's why we keep our clients informed with brand news detailing the best product developments of our industry. Today we are looking at how the XL Specialized Trailer's Flip Axle can help you by providing the right haul for a diverse set of loads.

XL Specialized Flip Axle

Having a little extra length on your flatbed can make all the difference in weight distribution when hauling a heavy or unique load. The flip axle on this XL Specialized trailer can be flipped down for those types of hauls or put back up in a resting position when it isn't needed. Versatility is the name of the game for this product!

XL Specialized Trailers promises the flip axle is "prepared for a lifetime of use". With its T-1 flanges and 80k web this trailer is strong and made to last. By using a single piece of web and flange for the construction of the I-beams and then welding all the sides, the durability factor just cannot be denied. 

To ensure that no tail channel bends occur, the trailer has lifting lugs which hold the weight of the flip axle and booster. The axles have a 54" spacing and the overall trailer is 102" wide. Overall, we can highly recommend this tough and adaptable trailer.

For more information or to come look at a XL Specialized Flip Axle trailer, contact us and we will be happy to help you! We pride ourselves in being your one stop shop for all the best brands, parts, and service! 

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