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It's Not Just About Your Truck

Remember, these inspections aren't just about your truck. They're also about how you conduct yourself as a driver. Here are a few tips to help things go as smoothly as possible the next time an inspector waves you over:

  • Keep your cab clean. Your cab is one of the first things a roadside inspector sees, and it says a lot about you as a driver. Filthy cabs are a big red flag because they give immediate cause to suspect an incomplete or inadequate pre-trip inspection of your equipment. A clean cab, on the other hand, communicates personal pride in how you travel, and it may prevent an otherwise charitable inspector from initiating a more in-depth evaluation.
  • Mind your personal hygiene. The principle above applies to how you take care of yourself as a driver, too. Wearing clean, professional attire and exercising good personal hygiene communicates that you take your job seriously. It's easy to let these habits slide when you're living out of your cab for a few days, so be mindful. You don't want dirty clothes, unkempt hair, or bad breath making a poor first impression.
  • Keep your documents organized. Inspectors quickly lose patience when a driver has to fish through the cab for a long time trying to locate basic paperwork. You'll do yourself a huge favor by keeping your license, registration, load declarations, maintenance records, and insurance documents dry, clean, and neatly bound together in one place. Be sure to purge your vehicle of any outdated documents, too. This helps inspectors quickly locate the paperwork they need to see, and it reinforces the good impression you've already made so far.
  • Attitude counts. We can't stress this enough. An inspector's job entails making multiple quick assessments in order to determine whether further investigation is warranted. Often, inspectors have a quota for the number of inspections they need to perform in a given period, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're out to write citations on every stop. The more cooperative you are, the better it will go for you. Honest drivers who are knowledgeable about their equipment, their loads, and their destinations are less likely to arouse inspectors' suspicions. And those who interact in a friendly, courteous manner are more likely to receive warnings instead of citations for minor violations. So check your attitude, even when you're running behind and having a bad day.


Of course, the surest way to avoid citations is to keep your equipment in top shape, and we can help with that. If your trailer is overdue for maintenance, or if you're thinking about trading up to something better, then look no further than us. Our newly remodeled facility is conveniently located just south of Chicago, and our professional crew has the knowledge and experience to keep you rolling along trouble-free. Give us a call at 708-258-6900  or stop by today!

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