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Trucking Industry Recruitment Can Benefit from Advanced Technology

As we truck into 2020, the trucking industry is going to be seeing a lot of excitement rolling out, thanks to advanced technology. According to FleetOwner, it is time to look at new ways of recruiting the talent to tackle the "biggest challenge" of "finding and retaining people. Whether it is technicians or other positions, the trucking industry is in need of more people."

New Recruiting Methods to Implement

Again, thanks to advanced technology, there are new ways of reaching the attention of the masses. Better yet, with advanced technology, we have the possibility of targeting a more specific group of candidates. As any computer-savvy user knows, the internet knows us almost better than we know ourselves, just by what we do online.

  • Reach desired candidates with "target marketing."
  • Automate advertisements to run when and where you want them to run, using "programmatic advertising."
  • Search for a specific "skill set" through "resume databases."

Run Ads Where People are Online

  • "Social media," using advanced AI, is a powerful tool. Facebook offers ways to advertise, as reviewed on FACEBOOK for Business.
  • "Job ads aggregators - websites that aggregate job postings from various sources - are a good way to recruit technicians." SmartRecruiters gives an in-depth review of this recruiting method.

Excite Recruits with Tech-Savvy Marketing Tools 

While you're recruiting, utilizing today's technology platforms, it's easy to market your company with a great first impression through "videos and photography." Be sure to focus on "the best aspects of working for your company, and the benefits of being a diesel tech." Recruiting Social explains how to implement your recruiting strategy using video technology.

Integrate an AI Recruiting Assistant

For help on the front end of the hiring process, an AI recruiting assistant could make the process go fast and smooth. Two additional articles from Transport Topics shares how technology is guiding the trucking industry for real. 

Time for Review and Change to Promote, Recruit and Retain

As you will further read in the FleetOwner article, don't be stuck in your old routine. Implement technology to attract new talent. . 

  • Make sure you're giving out the best information to attract candidates.
  • Branch out to find new ways to reach recruits.
  • Increase your retention percentage by implementing ways of acknowledging, praising, and rewarding works of excellence.

Staying the Course, No Matter the Trucking Industry's Changes

At Country Supply, Inc., we're excited to see where our new decade will roll out. While technology is turning out exciting changes across the trucking industry, there is one thing that remains constant, and that is our dedication to our industry.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best in rentals, lease to purchase, sales, along with parts, full service, and warranty when it comes to exceptional semi-trailers and Prowler Forklifts. Call or drop in to see everything we have to help our customers stay the course and keep rolling across America.  

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