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We're Trailering our Appreciation to America's Truck Drivers

Get Ready for National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week 

Life is busy, and life is hectic. When you think how hectic life would be without truck drivers, it's not a happy thought. Our grocery store shelves would not have all the wonderful selections we have today. Those convenient home deliveries would not exist. And, building or repairing homes will become devastating problems without truckloads of materials and supplies to reach any location. 

Something we all need to take the time to do is show our appreciation to America's truck drivers. You don't have to wait for the week of September 8th - 14th, 2019, which is the official National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week. A moment of thanks to our hard-working men and women will stay with them for miles. If you're hoping to take this mission a bit further along the road, there are wonderful ways to show appreciation to America's road warriors. 

Inspirational Gifts and Ideas to Show Appreciation

When you have a truck driver in the family, you already know the day in the life of a truck driver, especially long-haul drivers. If you're a fleet manager with a dedicated troop of drivers, Randall-Reilly gives a great list of ideas that will make any truck driver know they are appreciated. 

Appreciation can extend throughout the year. FleetOwner shares more ideas for inspiring support and appreciation to truck drivers. 

Charities to Support America's Truck Drivers Anytime

Charitable organizations make it possible for many people to have better lives, and many donors make life better for others. If you're looking to join in supporting a special mission, learn more about non-profits on Insurance Guys making a difference in the lives of our truckers.  

Thank You to All of America's Truck Drivers!

America's road warriors are the driving force behind the trucking industry. We appreciate all the hard-working men and women traveling the roads and highways across our country.

At Country Supply, Inc., we're a dedicated, one-stop-shop offering the best semi-trailers in the industry, lease to purchase or rentals, and exceptional parts, service, and warranty work. Located just south of Chicago, we're here when truck drivers need us. 

From the entire staff at Country Supply, we're shouting out our sincere appreciation to the men and women who keep America moving

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