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Don't Forget to Check for Missing or Dangling Mud Flaps

Mud Flaps: Hard to Miss on Your Daily Inspection

Mud Flaps are parts of the tractor and trailer that are easily seen and inspected. If you're missing one mud flap, it could be a sign that a daily inspection is not being done. Even worse, a dangling mud flap definitely sends a message of inspection neglect. That's a big red flag if the right person happens to take notice.  

The Purpose of Mud Flaps

As Fueloyal states it, "semi truck mud flaps, or semi truck mud guards, are flaps that are providing ultimate protection to the truck, as well as to the other vehicles that are on the road." The article continues on with 10 points regarding mud flaps, and the first point reiterates the purpose of mud flaps are used for protection to the semi-truck and "to other vehicles that are engaged on the roads." These mud flaps serve multiple purposes.

As the Fueloyal article points out, the "mud flap hangers play a crucial role in the installation and security process of the mud flaps." These brackets should be made of quality, and most are being produced "from spring steel."

The Danger of a Dangling Mud Flap

A dangling mud flap is a safety concern. Is it ready to fall off to hit the vehicle behind you and cause an accident? How many vehicles could be affected by a mud flap and bracket falling off traveling along a highway at 70 miles per hour?

The Mud Flap Rules by State

Unfortunately, each state has its own requirements regarding mud flaps, or splash guards, as reported by the American Trucking Associations (ATA), as of March 2014. Before you order customized mud flaps, be sure you're getting the right size.

Found on CDLLife News, "there are some states that provide specific requirements, and these are the ones that "set the standard" that interstate trucks need to follow." 

Country Supply's Extensive Parts Store with Online Ordering

At Country Supply, we are your one-stop-shop for everything you need for semi-trailers. Our parts department offers an extensive inventory of parts for semi-trailers and related forklift needs. We have an online store to make ordering parts convenient. If we don't have what you need, we'll get it ordered and out as quickly as possible. 

Remember, don't miss checking that your mud flaps are there and they are secure. It's a quick check, and it's not a major repair. The Country Supply team is here for anything you need in semi-trailers and Prowler Forklifts.

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