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Three Flatbeds Designed for Unique Cargo

Flatbed trailers have become so common in modern transportation that people tend to overlook the different varieties that are out there.  Some specialty loads might require an extendable flatbed trailer, called a stretch trailer.  Other loads may require trailers that give additional height due to excessively large items that exceed the normal limit.  These flatbeds are called drop deck trailers.  Sometimes a load requires protection from the elements, so a side kit flatbed trailer might be the best option.

Stretch Trailer

Stretch trailers are designed for cargo that surpasses the 53 foot maximum limit to reduce overhang.  These trailers can extend from the base, creating a longer bed that increases stability in the load.  According to TruckFreighter, these flatbeds are known for providing maximum support for extremely long objects in transit.  While these trailers will probably require extra permits to operate on public roadways, they can be extended up to 80 feet long!

Drop Deck Trailer

Sometimes called step-deck trailers, these specialized flatbeds have two different decks: a lower deck and an upper deck.  These flatbeds are designed to move loads that surpass normal load limits, usually for height reasons.  That being said, drop deck trailers handle like a standard flatbed while giving an extra few feet to taller loads.  If it is necessary for even more height clearance, it might be a smart idea to consider a double drop deck trailer.  While double drop trailers are similar to the drop deck trailer, they drop even lower in the middle to create a well that add an extra few feet of vertical space for cargo. This is a great option for extra large jobs, however, they do reduce the length of cargo area.

Side Kit Trailer

These flatbeds are essentially like standard flatbeds with the exception of having an easily removable outer structure that assists in giving the load more support as well as protection from the elements during transportation.  The outer structure is constructed of plywood or sometimes even fiberglass to protect the cargo from the outside environment.  These trailers are preferred to transport freight that is fragile to climate factors, such as produce.  They are also used to move things that are bulky and large that will not fit inside a crate effectively, but that are not big enough for a stretch trailer.

There are many different types of trailers designed for specific transportation needs.  If you have more questions, or if you would like professional assistance on choosing the right flatbed for your needs then contact us today for more information.

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