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Stay Safe! Safety Tips For Semi-Truck Drivers

There are general safety tips everyone should follow when on the road and then there are those that are specific to semi-truck drivers. Driving a semi-truck means you have to be ever vigilant and conscious of those on the road with you. Here are some safety tips that can help keep everyone safe.

Safe Semi-Truck Braking Distance

When determining the correct braking distance there is a specific formula that is used for semi-trucks. You need to take into consideration your  perception distance, reaction distance and braking distance. These are the times it takes you to understand there is a hazard, react to it and then hit the brakes. Altogether this equals about 6 seconds. If your semi-truck is traveling 55 mph and you brake you are going to travel approximately 512 ft. further. Factors such as traveling faster, wet roads and a heavy load can cause you to travel even further.

Slow Down

Bad weather conditions such as ice and wet road can cause further stopping problems. Drivers should always slow down in these conditions. Wet roads can increase how far you travel once you break by more than double.

Dealing With Skidding

There are many reasons a skid can happen and one of them is driving too fast. Other reasons skids can occur is over-braking, over-accelerating or over-steering. Bad weather such as snow and ice can cause skids. The best way to deal with skidding on wintry roads is to take your foot off the accelerator. Pushing the clutch in will allow you to regain traction too. To avoid a sideways spin and possible jackknife from you rear-wheels locking stop braking. At the same time turn the truck in the direction you want to go. Then counter-steer to avoid skidding in the other direction. Allowing the truck to slow down is the only real way to deal with front-wheel skidding if you can't steer due to lack of traction.

Safety First

At Country Supply we believe safety is important. We provide all the parts and service you need to keep your truck in top conditions. Visit us today for all your semi-truck needs.

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