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National Forklift Safety Day

Find Prowler Forklifts at Country Supply, Inc.

We are proud to carry the Prowler forklifts here at Country Supply, Inc. Prowler is a division of Western Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. dedicated to the manufacturing of its quality-built forklifts. Each Prowler forklift undergoes various testing throughout the manufacturing process. Prowler's goal is to produce "the best truck mounted rough terrain forklift in the industry." 

Forklift Safety Training for OSHA Compliance

As with any power vehicle or machine, training is vital to keep all staff aware of safety operations and be aware of accidents that can occur. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all businesses using forklifts to follow the established guidelines for proper forklift operation. There are numerous companies offering forklift safety programs for OSHA compliance. One that is in the Chicago area is, and check out a forklift safety video

National Forklift Safety Day - June 11, 2019: What Do Some Businesses Do?

Some businesses dedicate this day to training and inspection, while other companies also add some fun into the mix. Reviewing the required safety information is the first order of business, and a great outline is found on EMC Insurance. You have time to enlist someone to plan for an educational and fun day. 

  • Begin the day with safety training to help meet compliance for the year.
  • Hand out fun awards to anyone who didn't have an accident in the past year.
  • Break up into teams to inspect all forklifts. 
  • Think up a fun contest between teams with give-a-ways for some excitement. 
  • If your employees require safety gear, make it a day to hand out new gear.
  • Offer free food, and enjoy lunch as a team.
  • Change out the old, safety posters with new ones. 
  • Have safety operating demonstrations.

Check Out the Quality Built into a Prowler Forklift at Country Supply, Inc.

If you're in the market for a piggyback forklift, come let us show you what Prowler has to offer. Our dedicated Parts and Service Departments will help you keep your Prowler forklift safely working. Drop by, or call us for more Prowler information. It is always an honor to hear from you

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