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The Stop Underrides Act

The Sadness of Fatal Accidents

It is never easy to discuss the negative part of our industry, but we all hear, read and see accidents involving our big rigs. It is the responsibility of everyone to take part in driving safely along major roads and highways to prevent accidents such as those accidents now known as truck underride.

We all travel the highways, and we all probably see aggressive and careless drivers. With everyone in a hurry to get to their final destination, safety can be quickly forgotten, especially in our heavily traveled roads and highways. It only takes a brief second for something to go wrong to cause everything to go wrong.  

Staying alert, and aware of everything going on around you, is critical in today's heavily-traveled roads, as found on Smart Trucking. With the way some motorists weave in and out of traffic while coming dangerously close to our big rigs, truckers should be sure to be rested and alert. 

Back on The Hill

The Stop Underrides Act of 2017, developed in late 2017, as found on Overdrive, is now back for discussion on Capitol Hill. It's unfortunate that more regulations continually are added that end up adding additional expenses that can be a sizable bottom line deduction for many trucking businesses. But, with the number of underride accidents that continue to occur, it may be the only alternative to saving lives. Hopefully, sensor technology will eventually help motorists avoid fatal crashes. 

Something to Think About

Maybe it's time for every semi-trailer to have BRIGHT, BOLD signs reminding drivers to drive safely with messages of caution. And, the signs should be seen from the back and both sides of semi-trailers. The information, as found on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association's website about tailgating vehicles, could be used to remind all drivers of the dangers. Big rigs should never be tailgating automobiles moving at fast speeds. Give cars a chance to move over. 

We carry lighting and safety products for your semi-trailers. 

Maybe it's time for there to be increased fines for any semi-truck being caught in ill-repair, especially those with worn tires and brakes. As found on, "if your fleet's vehicles demand excessive repairs it might indicate that your maintenance or inspection procedures are inadequate." As this article points out, preventive maintenance is one of the tools needed for any trucking business to be successful. 

Let our expert service team keep your semi-trailers in top shape to keep loads move safely down the road. Make sure your semi-trailer brake lights are always working. 

Country Supply, Inc.: Always Here to Help

We are a full-service semi-trailer dealer in the Midwest, inclusive of Chicagoland. We are proud to offer some of the best brands in the industry along with Prowler Forklifts. We have an extensive parts department with an online parts store for customer convenience. We believe that we have some of the most highly-skilled, service technicians that perform warranty work, welding, and fabrication.

Our entire team strives to be ready to do whatever it takes to help our customers keep their semi-trailers moving safely along the roads. Whatever you need, let Country Supply, Inc. be the one-stop-shop for all your semi-trailers needs. We're here when you need us.

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