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A Flatbed Trailer Review

Country Supply, Inc. - The Semi-Trailer Experts

Our history goes back over four decades with an exciting history leading us to focus on the best semi-trailers in the industry. At Country Supply, Inc., we are proud to be the certified dealer for semi-trailers made right here in the U.S.A. We proudly sell, service and warranty Reitnouer, Transcraft, Trail King, Doonan, and XL-Specialized. 

Flatbed semi-trailers are a big part of the trucking industry with many model designs to suit the need of the trucking and construction industries. We have a robust inventory of flatbed semi-trailers, new and used. 

Interesting Review for Potential Flatbed Haulers

Smart Trucking gives a review on those truck drivers who decide to pull flatbeds. With the truck driver shortage, those who are looking to increase their income as a truck driver may want to consider driving flatbeds. CATMAC22* gives a good review that covers the pros and cons of becoming a flatbed hauler. 

Demanding Commitment to Safety

Pulling flatbeds can be more demanding and requires extreme precaution with heavy loads that need accurate, load securement. These loads may consist of "lumber, steel coils, shingles, pipes, military vehicles, machinery, or even mobile homes." It is imperative that a flatbed hauler becomes skilled at securing your loads.

Benefits to Flatbed Hauling

On average, the pay is better. Drivers that remain flatbed haulers become very dedicated to the demand, and they enjoy the extra benefits.

  • Depending on the company, flatbed haulers may make "$10-$15,000 more per year" that can equate to about "$65,000 and up."
  • With the huge shortage of truck drivers, these jobs should remain in high demand.
  • Drivers usually have more time off because of the "physical demands" of the job and the "loading process takes less time."

The Cons of Flatbed Hauling 

With any truck driving job, there are disadvantages. It is only right to consider the disadvantages of pulling a flatbed semi-trailer. 

  • Loading can be physically draining without equipment to load and unload the haul. You must be able to climb around and on top of the load properly secure.
  • The biggest issue is the case of improper load securement. Not only the driver, but other motorists are at danger along the roads. 
  • Load securement is a big reason that "regulations are more strict" with these loads. It is imperative that drivers and their fleet managers adhere to the "cargo securement rules" set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is also important to mention the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). The CVSA annual International Roadcheck gives a yearly recap of the findings. Load securement is something that is addressed and that causes drivers to be put out-of-service. Your load should be secured "using the right tie downs, trailer sizes, and weight limits." Be sure to check out the CVSA load securement event to be held in March. 

In Conclusion...

As the author summarizes, if a higher salary and more time off is appealing, the required skills can be "fairly easily learned." 

Country Supply, Inc. - Everything for Your Semi-Trailers to Roll with Confidence

Country Supply is here to make sure the trucking industry keeps moving. To make sure drivers have the load securement necessary to safely travel across the roads and highways, we have an extensive parts department. Parts can also be ordered through our Online Parts Store. Whatever you need to secure your flatbed hauls, we make it our business to have it in stock or quickly get it to you. We also carry Prowler Forklifts when you need quality equipment to be part of your truck loading needs. 

The entire team at Country Supply, Inc. is here to make sure your semi-trailers, boxed or flatbeds, are ready to move across America with the best in parts, service, and warranty. We are here to keep America safely moving. 

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