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Don't Let Your Semi-Trailers Break Away

Accidents - Involving Semi-Trucks

The weather across the country has been causing numerous accidents involving semi-trucks. The hazardous weather conditions should make all drivers, both truck and car, travel slowly or not travel at all. Don't drive unless you are skilled and prepared to tackle the dangerous roads of winter.

When accidents occur due to semi-truck equipment failure, it is very concerning to everyone traveling the roads and highways. So many big rigs are traveling the highways going 70 MPH. These eighteen-wheeler combinations need to be serviced and proper pre-checks performed before ever moving onto the roads and highways. 

Trailer Securement 

If you haven't heard the bitter-sweet news this week, there is nothing sweet about this accident. Thankfully, no one was injured as "40,000 pounds of liquid chocolate" covered the highway when a semi-trailer's latch supposedly became unsecured and overturned on Interstate 40 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Thankfully, it wasn't a hazardous material, but it could have sent vehicles hydroplaning or crashing into each other. 

Pre-Trip Check Reminder

Making sure your equipment is ready to roll is part of a truck driver's job. With big rigs rolling hours across the roads and highways, something that was okay yesterday, may not be ready to go today. Take the time to travel safely across the roads with a pre-trip check. It never hurts to refresh yourself with a visual training video

Coupling and Uncoupling

It never hurts to see how professionals hook up their equipment. Be sure your trailer is properly secured before you complete your pre-trip inspection. 

Country Supply - Every Part Your Semi-Trailer Needs

Country Supply, Inc. has been selling and servicing top semi-trailer brands for decades. We are here to give our customers the best in semi-trailer service when your equipment is working overtime or aging. Don't take the chance of running with inoperable parts or parts that are about to fail. Let us routinely inspect your semi-trailers to keep them safely rolling across the roads and highways. We are here to deliver the best in sales, parts, service, and warranty for all your semi-trailer and forklift needs. It is always our pleasure to be part of your team.

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