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Trailer Maintenance Tips to Keep You on the Road

Your semi-trailer is an important tool in your arsenal. Like any other piece of equipment, it must be serviced on a regular basis and repaired as needed. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing premature or unnecessary costly repairs. Your maintenance schedulewill depend on the manufacturer's recommendations and how often the trailer is used. The last thing you want is to have the trailer fail under the strain of a heavy load. This not only delays progress but can also cause damage to property and be a safety hazard to yourself and others on the road. 

Make Sure Your Tires are Ready to Roll

Tires are an expensive investment. Proper maintenance of your trailer tires can extend their life, thereby saving you money. Make sure the tires are properly inflated and rotated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will prevent uneven wear, making for a longer lifespan and a smoother ride.  

When the time comes to replace your tires do so before they become dangerous to haul a load with. Failure to do so could result in blowing one or more tires while hauling. This could cause damage to the trailer, materials, truck, and other vehicles on the road. 

Light the Way 

Lights may seem trivial, but they are there for your safety and the safety of others. Regularly clean the outer covering of the lights if they should get caked with mud. Doing so will increase your trailer's visibility to other drivers on the road. Replace all bulbs which are blown and promptly replace all lights which are no longer working. Routinely check all wires for defects. Any defects found should be repaired or replaced immediately. 

Make Sure You Can Stop

You never know what obstacles or situations you will encounter while on the road. It's hard enough to stop just a regular vehicle in a pinch at high speeds. It's even harder to stop a trailer with a load in a hurry. Have your trailer brakes checked regularly to make sure they are in proper working order. Replace trailer brakes according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  

You are busy and do not have time for your semi-trailer to be out of commission due to needed repairs. Maintenance is the best way to prevent unnecessary repairs and make sure you're on the road when you need to be. Country Supply understands your need to get back on the road quickly and efficiently. Contact us for more information on the services and parts, we offer for all of your semi-trailer needs.

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