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Hyliion Semi-Trailer Hybrid

Hyliion Trailer Hybrid-Electric Integration packs multiple technologies into a single trailer package for overall savings. By combining a battery pack, an electrified hub for the trailer, regenerative braking, and telematics, as well as trailer aero package, Hyliion can achieve up to 30% fuel savings when combined with the Hyliion tractor hybrid-electric integration. 

A regular trailer is just two axles with brakes. Hyliion turned that space into something useful. 

The battery pack can power the tractor's AC and other electric needs for up to 10 hours, so the engine does not need to be idled to keep the AC on. That in itself creates significant fuel savings. 

The battery pack also powers the telematics unit, so headquarters is always aware of where the trailer is. This can improve the utilization of any fleet by 6-8%, resulting in savings as well. This can also improve driver income, and shipping revenue, as less time is wasted in "detention time," i.e., the time stuck at the dock waiting to load and unload.  USDOT estimated that drivers lost about 1.1 to 1.3 BILLION dollars in annual earnings due to detention. 

But the most impressive feature of the Hyliion system is the way the hybrid electric axle can actually help power the trailer, such as going uphill, accelerating from a dead stop, and so on, while regenerating energy while going downhill and braking. This lets the tractor engine work easier, resulting in fuel savings as well as maintenance savings.

HySight, the management software, will analyze the route and determine where are the optimum points to apply battery power to assist the engine, and when to use regenerative braking to restore the power.  

Hyliion hybrid system can be retrofitted to almost any class 8 tractor and trailer, resulting in a hybrid that delivers up to 30% fuel savings. 

Whether you operate a hybrid truck or not, Country Supply has trailers of all types to suit your needs. Contact us today

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