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Load Securement Is A Vital Part Of Trucking Safety

Country Supply is not only your number one source for quality trailers and forklifts, we are also your number one place for trailer parts and service, especially when it comes to securing your trailer loads. It is very important that semi-trailer loads are properly and safely secured. 

The 2018 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck occurred in early June. The results will most likely be out in August, but it's important to look back at last year's findings. Last year, CVSA selected load securement to be their main objective. "CVSA Releases 2017 International Roadcheck Results" is important to review and use as a reminder of load securement importance. 

Note that cargo securement was one of the top reasons for vehicles being placed out of service. Vehicles carrying hazardous materials or dangerous goods were found to be a big percentage of those without proper load securement. 

Found on HDT Truckinginfo"Cargo Securement: What You Need to Know" by Berg, T. (2017, February 21) is a great outline to use for review with loading personnel and drivers. Don't let load securement violations take your drivers and vehicle out of service. 

  • How many securement straps/chains should you have for the weight of the load?
    • Review the information under "Tie-down ratings"
      • Frayed straps and rusted chains may need to be replaced. 
  • The CVSA 2017 results also noted failed load securement due to no header boards on flat trailers.
    • Review "Placing straps"
  • Enclosed vans and reefers trucks must have certain items secured inside.
    • Review "In vans, reefers"
      • Note: "Who's responsible for securing loads in vans or reefer trailers"?
  • It is important to properly secure items that are not part of the load but are part of the trailer's necessities.
    • Review "When it's not cargo"
      • Note that "common rubber bungee cords or tarp straps are not sufficient as tie-downs" per state and CVSA members.

Country Supply offers a dedicated parts department with the experts to help you with all the trailer parts you need to make sure you have all the necessary load securement parts and supplies. If we don't have something, we work fast to get it for you. Our online parts store makes it even more convenient for you to get what you need. We are here to keep your equipment investments properly working and safety compliant. 

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