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What Innovative Technology Is Building Up In The Trucking Industry?

County Supply has been a part of the trucking industry for over forty years, and we are your best source for quality trailers, forklifts, parts, service, and warranty. We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date on the latest technology to offer our technicians the latest tools and diagnostic equipment that allows us to offer our customers the best, efficient repair service in the Chicago and Midwest areas. 

Metals that are used to make semi-trailers have been perfected to offer the most efficient hauling solutions for many companies. Found on Trailer/Body Builders, "Selecting materials to build trailers" by Weber, R. (2016, February 5) takes information from a panel of trailer manufacturers to explain what materials are used and why. Trailers have evolved from wood built trailers to metal trailers using steel, aluminum, and now, composites

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is soon to change how many products are made. An informative article found on a MANUFACTURING TALK Radio"7 Metals Compatible With Additive Manufacturing" reveals some of the common metals being used in research and development to 3D print products are "aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, gold, platinum, and titanium." 

What 3D printing will mean to the trucking industry is already being answered in various articles as one found on HDT Truckinginfo in an article, "Truck Parts Coming to a 3D Printer Near You" by Rondini, D. (2018, February 16). A pilot program, conducted by Daimler Trucks North America, will be using a plastic material to 3D print hard-to-find parts. The theory behind this research and development is that the time and expense to obtain one of these almost obsolete parts may be significantly reduced. 

As Rondini's research points out, there is still a list of questions regarding this new technology. One that is definitely going to be a major factor is: "Where will the printer be based, and who will own it"?

Rondini's article has another interesting point. In place of transporting products, because they may be 3D printed on demand, commodities used in the 3D printing process may actually be the items transported in the future. 

Country Supply is keeping up with the fascinating news on additive manufacturing, and it appears to be on course to be one of the biggest disruptive technologies for many businesses around the world. We may be 3D printing parts at some point in the future, but for now, our parts department is second to none. Our online store offers an easy solution to get parts shipped when it's not convenient to drop in for a visit. 

It's always a pleasure to partner with you. We're here to help you with all your semi-trailer and Princeton forklift needs.

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